Construction Worker

Mr. G. Kumar

Hailing from Kithiripettai, Mr. Kumar toils hard throughout the year as a freelance construction worker. His wife, Ms. Vijayalakshmi is a homemaker who at times work with him to support the family needs. Kumar’s children – a daughter and a son are currently pursuing bachelor degree and high school certificate respectively. Living at his parents’ house along with his siblings, Kumar and his family have been sharing a single room in the house for years with no toilet facility. This makes life difficult, especially for the women in the house, as they have visit to open fields for nature’s calls. Lacking proper space affects the children’s studies as well. These shortcomings kept him worried but made his will stronger in achieving his dream – to own a house. Things changed for the better when Kumar approached Varashakti Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd., and availed a loan amount of INR 6.5 lakhs under the Home Loan segment. His dream is about to get fulfilled now, with the construction work nearing completion. He feels content knowing that soon his family will rid of the unhygienic practices with access to toilet facility, his children will have separate rooms, and the family with lots of happy times.

Field Officer in Building Contract Company

Mr. Vijayabaskar

Mr. Vijayabaskar’s father is a farmer. Since childhood, he has witnessed his father’s unwavering commitment in the farm and the resulting harvest. Albeit earning a decent income from farming, owning a house remained a distant dream for his father. Mr. Vijayabaskar grew up with the conviction to realise his father’s dream. Post obtaining a bachelor degree in engineering, he started earning by joining a construction company. When the time was ripe, Mr. Vijayabaskar started constructing the house with the support from Varashakti Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd. through a loan of INR 10 lakhs under the Home Loan (construction) category. The construction is on the verge of completion now, and his parents feel proud of their son who fulfills their dream to live in an own house.